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Employee Benefits at a glance

Here are just some of the great benefits you will receive from our employee benefits scheme. You'll find lots more information within our pages so why not delve in and start saving today. CLICK ON THE LINKS ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE TABLE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

Buying Additional Leave

Fife Council is introducing a new scheme to allow employees to buy additional annual leave. The scheme will complement existing work-life balance policies and enable employees and the Council to make cost savings. Under the scheme employees can apply to buy up to 5 days (36 hours) additional annual leave for each leave year period. This will be implemented pro rata for part-time employees. For leave year 2018/19, the opportunity to purchase is between 8th January and 2nd February 2018. Speak to your manager about your purchase in advance.

Salary Sacrifice Shared Cost AVC

New Way to Increase Your LGPS Pension

Fife Council is now adding to our existing Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) scheme with the launch of a new Salary Sacrifice Shared Cost AVC (SCAVC). Employees considering this option should first of all, read the guide to salary sacrifice SCAVC which can be found in the AVC information pages on FISH.

Childcare vouchers


Please note: Our Childcare Voucher provider is changing from Computershare to Sodexo.

Employees who are existing members of the childcare voucher scheme, will receive a welcome communication from Sodexo on or before their next pay date (see dates below) which will advise on the registration process.  Sodexo will ask members to complete a short registration process on their online portal. If you are an existing member, and wish to continue to take childcare vouchers you should register with Sodexo without delay once you have received their welcome communication.  Sodexo’s communication will ask you to confirm/reset your new username and password and give you a link to access your childcare voucher account. To reset your password, visit Username will be on your Welcome Email from Sodexo.  If you experience any problems logging into the Sodexo website, please contact: 0800 328 7411.

You will need to add your childcare provider and children’s details to activate your new account. As an existing member, you should log in where it says existing member and you do not need an employer code to do this.

Please also inform your childcare provider about the change of provider to Sodexo and ensure they are registered with Sodexo. Any queries should be directed to Sodexo. If you have not received registration communication from Sodexo by your payroll date contact Sodexo. If you do not register with Sodexo you will not be able to continue purchasing Childcare vouchers. If you have any questions regarding your account set-up, please contact Sodexo on telephone 0800 328 7411.

 If you have an existing account with Computershare, and have a query please contact Computershare on the normal contact numbers.  If you don’t have their contact details to hand these are available on the Childcare Voucher page. Computershare will continue to administer the voucher scheme until and including the following pay dates: 16/11/17 – Fife Payroll (4 weekly paid) and 23/11/17 – Teachers Payroll (monthly paid). Members will continue to be able to change their deductions with Computershare until the 31st October. 




If you are not already a member of the childcare voucher scheme and wish to join Sodexo click on link or telephone Sodexo. You will need the relevant employer code and hyperlink:

Fife Council 4 weekly payroll: 881600C


Fife Council Teachers monthly payroll: 881601B

 Please don’t try to register by searching the general internet as the link that will be provided will allow you to register on Fife Council’s portal. 


Childcare Vouchers are a tax-efficient employee benefit available to all eligible working parents

Launched in 1998, childcare vouchers are a Government-approved scheme run by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). More information and calculator can be found on the UK government’s website:  Parents who joined their employers childcare voucher scheme before 6 April 2011 may have Protected Rights and still be able to receive £243 each month in childcare vouchers irrespective of their tax band.   

Childcare vouchers   

 However, the UK Government is currently changing the voucher scheme.  Known as Tax-Free Childcare (TFC), it will be rolled out from 2017. Fife Council’s employer childcare voucher scheme will remain open to new entrants until April 2018. From April 2018, you will lose the right to sign up to a childcare voucher scheme through your employer unless you are already a member. If you already take childcare vouchers, you can continue taking them as long as you like. To make sure you have the choice of which scheme suits you best, you need to become a member of your employer's voucher scheme.


Cycle to work scheme

Cycle to Work scheme

From 1 November, the Council’s provider will change from Cyclescheme ( to Sodexo. 

The next scheme will open Spring 2018.  Details will be provided beforehand.


UK and local discounts

Access to discounts on a vast range of products and services both nationwide and locally across Fife. UK-wide discounts are accessed via a website or over the phone, and the local discounts are available on provision of a Fife Council ID badge or recent payslip.

Local Offers

We believe it’s important to support local businesses so we have teamed up with local suppliers to give you discounts on your doorstep.  To receive local discounts all you have to do is show your Council ID badge or a recent payslip to access a broad range of products and services throughout Fife.

Many of the discounts on the list have been brought to our attention by employees. If you know about, or are offered a discount by a company, please let us know by emailing and we will tell everyone else about it.

National Offers

Brought to you by P&MM, we hope you love the choices that gives you.

What do I need to do?

Go to and click on ‘Join Now’

  1. Enter your Fife Council payroll number.  Your payroll number is a six-digit number normally starting with a zero e.g. 012345, 001234 or 000123.  Elected members' payroll normally start with a B followed by six digits.  You will find your payroll number on your pay slips.  
  2. You will be asked to enter your personal details including your email address, which could be a work or personal email address and a preferred username and password, you will use this next time you visit the site to access your account.
  3. Click on ‘Create Account’ and the home page will load. You can now start to browse, shop and save!

If you need any help in registering or have any queries about the discounts call P&MM 0845 272 8720 or email and quote Fife Council.

This replaces the Wider Wallet scheme that you may have been registered with.  Should you have queries relating to the Wider Wallet scheme please contact them on 0800 612 7110.

Physical and Financial Health

Products, services and advice. 

From healthcare cash plans to savings at your local community use school or leisure centre.   From discounted insurance to local credit unions.

Long Service Awards

Employees who have attained 25 or 40 years continuous service are awarded for their contribution and effort with Long Service Awards.





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