Joint Administration sets out budget proposals

Archived news: published on Friday 16 Feb 2018 by Fife Council

Co-Leaders, Cllr David Alexander & Cllr David Ross

Co-Leaders, Cllr David Alexander & Cllr David Ross

Fife Council has published its Administration’s budget proposals, which will be debated at next week’s budget meeting, on Thursday 22 February.

Co-Leader of Fife Council, Cllr David Ross said: “This is the first budget prepared by Fife Council’s new joint Administration. We face continuing financial pressures and, while it’s not possible to completely offset the impacts of the UK Government’s austerity agenda, this draft budget stands by our joint commitment to protect and defend local services as far as we are able. It supports the principles and objectives set out in the Programme for Administration we agreed last May.”

Co-Leader, Cllr David Alexander continued: “As two distinct political groups we have differing views on national policy and the Scottish Government’s financial settlement for councils. However, we have drafted a budget that we can both agree to. We believe these proposals balance the need to work within the financial resources available to us, with our desire to protect vital local services, meet people’s essential needs and create a fairer Fife.”

The joint Administration is proposing to increase council tax by 3% (on Band D) to raise £4.170m to put towards local services. It has also outlined savings of £10.672m from current ways of working and service delivery, which will allow additional investment of £2.001m in certain areas.

The proposed budget is available for anyone to read online at under Fife Council’s scheduled meetings and agendas.

This budget is not yet agreed. Final decisions about spending plans will be made when all councillors discuss and vote on a budget for 2018-19 at their meeting on 22 February.


David Ross, Councillor 
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David Alexander, Councillor 
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